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Girl Names That Start With Q

Girl Names That Start with Q: QU

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M/F Baby Names Girl Names That Start With Q Origin
FQuenishaQueen + AishaAmerican
FQueralthigh rockCeltic
FQueridadear; belovedSpanish
FQuerimathe generousArabic
FQuestaa questEnglish
FQuetafifth-born childLatin
FQuetromanrestrained soulMapuche
FQuetzasacred birdToltec
FQuetzalxochitlprecious flowerNahuatl
FQuezellazealous & ardentHebrew
FQuianaprefix Qu + AnnaAmerican
FQuibelegoddess mother - CybeleTurkish
FQuillaa cubGaelic
FQuillenwoman of the heightsSpanish
FQuinbyqueen's estateScand.
FQuinceyfifth-born childIrish
FQuincyfifth-born childIrish
FQuinellaqueen's lawnLatin
FQuineshaprefix Qu + AishaAmerican
FQuinettafifth-born childLatin
FQuinishaprefix Qu + AishaAmerican
FQuinshawnaQuinn + ShawnaAmerican
FQuintanafifth; queen's lawnLatin
FQuintiliaborn in MayLatin
FQuintinaqueen's lawnLatin
FQuintrellQuinn + TrellaAmerican
FQuintuqueosearches for wisdomMapuche
FQuinturayhas a flowerMapuche
FQuioniashe who is fertileGreek
FQuirinacarries the lanceLatin
FQuisasister of twinsEgyptian
FQuisilindasweet arrowScand.

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Girl Names That Start With Q