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Ghanaian Baby Names

Ghanaian Baby Names from: AB - DH

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M/F Baby Names Ghanaian Baby Names & Meanings Origin
FAbaborn on ThursdayFante
FAbalwild roseArabic
FAbamsecond child after twinsTwi
MAbanold Arabic nameArabic
MAbdul-Karimservant of the Noble OneArabic
MAbdul-Samadservant of the EternalArabic
MAbeekuborn on WednesdayFante
FAbenaborn on TuesdayFante
FAbinaborn on a ThursdayAkan
FAblaborn on WednesdayGhanan
MAblaborn on WednesdayGhanan
MAddaemorning sunAkan
MAdikafirst child of second husbandEwe
FAdjoborn on MondayGhanan
FAdjuaborn on MondayGhanan
MAdomhelp from GodAkan
MAdusathirteenth- bornAkan
FAdwoaborn on MondayFante
FAdzoborn on MondayGhanan
FAfafafirst child of second husbandEwe
FAfiborn on FridayEwe
MAframAfram river in GhanaGhanan
FAfryeaborn during good timesEwe
FAfuaborn on FridayEwe
MAgyeimessenger from GodAkan
MAgymahone who leaves his communityFante
FA'ishahlife; prosperityArabic
FAjobaborn on MondayGhanan
FAkosuaborn on SundayEwe
FAkuborn on WednesdayGhanan
FAkuaborn on WednesdayEwe
FAkubaborn on WednesdayGhanan
MAkwasiborn on SundayGhanan
FAkweteelder of twinsGa
MAkweteeyounger of twinsGa
FAkwokwoyounger of twinsGa
FAmaborn on SaturdayEwe
MAmetefeborn after father's deathEwe
FAmeyogirl born on SaturdayEwe
FAmiborn on SaturdayGhanan
MAmin, Ameenfaithful; trustworthyArabic
MAmir, AmeerprinceArabic
FAmmaborn on SaturdayGhanan
MAnanethe fourth sonAkan
FAnbarinof ambergrisArabic
FAntobamposthumous childFante
FArababorn on TuesdayGhanan
MAshonseventh-born sonAkan
FAtiyahgift; presentArabic
MAtoborn on SaturdayGhanan
MAtoapemborn on SaturdayGhanan
MAtsuyounger of twinsEwe
MAtuborn on SaturdayFante
FAwoborn on SaturdayGhanan
FAwusiborn on a SundayAkan
MAzharshining; luminousArabic
MAzzamdetermined; resolvedArabic
FBababorn on ThursdayFante
MBadutenth born childGhanan
FBashirahbringer of good tidingsArabic
FBoahinmaahas left her communityEwe
MBoboborn on TuesdayFante
MBoduaan animal's tailAkan
MBoura rockGhanan
MCoblahborn on TuesdayEwe
MCoffieborn on FridayEwe
MCoujoeborn on MondayEwe
FDhakirahremembers God frequentlyArabic

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Ghanaian Baby Names