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Czech Baby Names from: AD - GA

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M/F Baby Names Czech Baby Names Origin
FAdélanoble Czech-Slov.
FAdélenoble Czech-Slov.
FAgátachaste; holyCzech-Slov.
FAigneischaste; holyCzech-Slov.
FAlžbetaconsecrated to GodCzech-Slov.
MAlesdefender of mankindCzech-Slov.
MAlexandrdefender of mankindCzech-Slov.
MAlexejdefender of mankindCzech-Slov.
FAlinaof MagdalaCzech-Slov.
MAlojzfamous warriorCzech-Slov.
FAlžbìtaGod is my oathCzech-Slov.
MAndìlangel; messengerCzech-Slov.
FAndìlaangel; messengerCzech-Slov.
FAnetafavor; graceCzech-Slov.
MAntoníninvaluable Czech-Slov.
FAntonieinvaluable Czech-Slov.
MArnostbattle to the deathCzech-Slov.
FBáraforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBarboraforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBarèinkaforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBarkaforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
MBartolomìjson of TalmaiCzech-Slov.
FBarunaforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBarunkaforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBaruskaforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
MBedapeaceful rulerCzech-Slov.
MBedoichpeaceful rulerCzech-Slov.
MBedrisekpeaceful rulerCzech-Slov.
MBlažejtalks with lispCzech-Slov.
MBohumírpeace of GodCzech-Slov.
MBohuslavglory of GodCzech-Slov.
FBohuslavaglory of GodCzech-Slov.
MBonifácgood destiny; fateCzech-Slov.
FBoraforeign; strangeCzech-Slov.
FBoženadivine giftCzech-Slov.
MBožidardivine giftCzech-Slov.
MBranislavglorious protectorCzech-Slov.
FBranislavaglorious protectorCzech-Slov.
FBrankaglorious protectorCzech-Slov.
MBronislavglorious protectorCzech-Slov.
FBronislavaglorious protectorCzech-Slov.
FCapekalittle storkCzech-Slov.
MCenckconquering Czech-Slov.
MCenekconquering Czech-Slov.
MCtiborbattle of honorCzech-Slov.
MDaldistant battleCzech-Slov.
MDalekdistant battleCzech-Slov.
FDalekadistant battleCzech-Slov.
FDalenadistant battleCzech-Slov.
FDalenkadistant battleCzech-Slov.
MDalibordistant battleCzech-Slov.
FDaliboradistant battleCzech-Slov.
FDalkadistant battleCzech-Slov.
MDamekof the earthCzech-Slov.
MDanesGod is my judgeCzech-Slov.
MDanousekGod is my judgeCzech-Slov.
MDobromilkind; graciousCzech-Slov.
MDominikbelongs to the LordCzech-Slov.
FDominikabelongs to the LordCzech-Slov.
FDorotagift of GodCzech-Slov.
MDrahomírprecious peaceCzech-Slov.
FDrahomíraprecious peaceCzech-Slov.
MDrahoslavprecious gloryCzech-Slov.
FDrahoslavaprecious gloryCzech-Slov.
FDusasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
MDusasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
MDusansoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
FDusanasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
MDusaneksoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
FDusankasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
MDuseksoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
FDusièkasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
FDuskasoul; spiritCzech-Slov.
FEditafortune; strifeCzech-Slov.
MEduardguardian of prosperityCzech-Slov.
MEdvardguardian of prosperityCzech-Slov.
MEliásthe Lord is my GodCzech-Slov.
FEliskaGod is my oathCzech-Slov.
FElitaGod is my oathCzech-Slov.
FEvièkaalive; livingCzech-Slov.
FEvinkaalive; livingCzech-Slov.
FEvkaalive; livingCzech-Slov.
FEvulkaalive; livingCzech-Slov.
FEvuskaalive; livingCzech-Slov.
MEvženwell bornCzech-Slov.
MFiliplover of horsesCzech-Slov.
FFilipalover of horsesCzech-Slov.
MGábastrong man of GodCzech-Slov.

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