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Boys Names Starting With F

Boys Names Starting With F: FE - FO

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M/F Baby Names Boys Names Starting With F Origin
MFenjifearless; adventurousMandarin
MFentonmarshland farmEnglish
MFeodorgift of GodSlavic
MFeorassmooth rockGreek
MFerdiaman of GodIrish
MFerdinanddaring, adventurousGerman
MFerdinandodaring, adventurousItalian
MFerencfree; from FranceHungarian
MFergalbrave, courageousIrish
MFergusa strong warriorIrish
MFermínstrong, firmSpanish
MFerminfirm; strongFrench
MFernándaring, adventurousSpanish
MFernandodaring, adventurousSpanish
MFerrandiron-gray hairFrench
MFerreoloreferring to ironLatin
MFiacrothe soldierLatin
MFicopeaceful rulerSpanish
MFidelfaithful devoteeLatin
MFidenciotrusting; fearlessLatin
MFidiasunhurried, calmGreek
MFieldfield workerEnglish
MFieldingfield workerEnglish
MFifefrom Fife, ScotlandScottish
MFillover of horsesPolish
MFilónphilosophical friendGreek
MFiladelfoloves his brothersGreek
MFileasloves deeplyGreek
MFileliois trustworthyLatin
MFiliplover of horsesGreek
MFilipplover of horsesRussian
MFilmorefamous personEnglish
MFilyalover of horsesRussian
MFindlayblond-haired soldierIrish
MFineasoracle; dark-skinnedIrish
MFinianlight-skinned; whiteIrish
MFinlayblond-haired soldierIrish
MFinnfrom FinlandGerman
MFinneganlight-skinned; whiteIrish
MFintanfair-haired; white fireIrish
MFionánfair oneIrish
MFionn, Finnfair-headedIrish
MFiorellolittle flowerItalian
MFirdausparadise Indian
MFirmanfirm; strongFrench
MFirminofirm, sureLatin
MFirmomorally & physically firmLatin
MFitchweasel, ermineEnglish
MFitzson ofEnglish
MFitzgeraldson of GeraldEnglish
MFitzpatrickson of PatrickEnglish
MFitzroyson of RoyEnglish
MFizhappy, fertileLatin
MFlaminioItalian Reformation authorSpanish
MFlavianblond, yellow-hairedLatin
MFlavianoblond, yellow-hairedLatin
MFlavioblond, yellow-hairedItalian
MFlemingfrom DenmarkEnglish
MFletcherarrow makerEnglish
MFlintstream; flint stoneEnglish
MFliplover of horsesSpanish
MFloreala month of French RevolutionLatin
MFlorencioflowering plantItalian
MFlorentflowering plantFrench
MFlorenteflowering plantLatin
MFlorentinoflowering plantItalian
MFlorianblooming plantLatin
MFlorianoflowering plantSpanish
MFloribertobrilliant masterGerman
MFlorioflowering plantSpanish
MFloydgray-haired; holyEnglish
MFlurryflourishing, bloomingEnglish
MFlynnson of the red-haired manIrish
MFocasfrom Focida, GreeceGreek
MFocioilluminated, shiningLatin
MFodjourfourth bornGhanan
MFolkeguard of the peopleGerman
MFonsonoble and eagerGerman
MFonzienoble and eagerGerman
MFordnames ending in "ford"English
MFordelone with the advantageSwedish
MForestforest; woodsmanFrench
MForesterforest guardianEnglish

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