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Boy Names That Start With I

Boy Names That Start with I: IN - IZ

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Alright... You are looking for Terrific Boy Names That Start With I Lists, right?... Well, you have stumbled upon the right website.

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In either case, Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby. When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to see names that weren't just the standard. I wanted to see slightly different names that would help my children to stand out when they went off to school. However, I didn't want them to become the object of teasing...

With that in mind I created a great Boy Names that Start with I list below for you to consider. Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Baby Boy Names That Start With I Origin
MIngfamous sonScandinavian
MIngelbertIng's townGerman
MIngmarfamous sonScandinavian
MIngvarIng's soldierScandinavian
MInigofiery, ardentBasque
MInikotime of troubleEfek
MIntihe who is boldAymara
MIoakimGod will establishRussian
MIoanGod is graciousGreek
MIoannisGod is graciousGreek
MIojanánGod is mercifulHebrew
MIokepaGod will addHawaiian
MIokiahealed by GodHawaiian
MIollanworships a different godIrish
MIomlanwhole and completeGaelic
MIosefGod will addHebrew
MIosuaGod is my salvationRomanian
MIrawatchful; stallionArabic
MIreneolover of peaceGreek
MIrumbafirst-born after twinsRutooro
MIrwinhandsome friendEnglish
MIsaProphet's nameArabic
MIsaac he will laughHebrew
MIsacargiven a favorHebrew
MIsadoroof the goddess IsisSpanish
MIsaiahGod is my salvationHebrew
MIsaiasGod is my salvationHebrew
MIsanderpowerful manGreek
MIsandropowerful manGreek
MIsaohonor; meritJapanese
MIsarnoeagle of ironGerman
MIshamhome of the iron oneEnglish
MIshaqhe will laughArabic
MIshmaelGod will hearHebrew
MIshmeraiGod takes careHebrew
MIshtara sign; phenomenonSwahili
MIsidoregift of the goddess IsisGreek
MIsidorogift of the goddess IsisGreek
MIslamreligion of MuhammadArabic
MIsmaelGod will hearArabic
MIsocratesvery capableGreek
MIsodGod fights and prevailsHebrew
MIsraelprince of GodHebrew
MIssaGod is our salvationSwahili
MIstaváncrowned with laurelsHungarian
MIstusugar pineNative American
MItaloland between the seasLatin
MItanthe chiefSioux
MItanaleI understandChickasaw
MItembetrust; confidenceZulu
MIthamatisland of palmsHebrew
MIthelgenerous lordWelsh
MIukiniborn of nobilityHawaiian
MIustinjust, righteousBulgarian
MIvanGod is graciousRussian
MIvanhoeGod's tillerHebrew
MIvaryew woodScandinavian
MIvesyoung archerEnglish
MIvorIvo; yew wood, bow woodScandinavian
MIvorymade of ivoryLatin
MIvyivy treeEnglish
MIwanGod is graciousPolish
MIyasuChristian emperor of EthiopiaEthiopian
MIyesmokeNative American
MIzakhe who laughsHebrew
MIztalireality is the dreamMayan

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