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Boy Names Starting With P

Boy Names Starting with P: PA - PI

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names Starting With P Origin
MPaxtonpeaceful townLatin
MPaxtonpeaceful townLatin
MPaydenwarrior's townEnglish
MPaynefrom the countryLatin
MPayoexcellent sailorGalician
MPaytontown of warriorsEnglish
MPeadarthe rockIrish
MPearcesmall rockEnglish
MPearseleader of Irish IndependenceIrish
MPearsonson of PeterEnglish
MPedersmall rockScand.
MPedionopen countryGreek
MPedrosmall rockSpanish
MPeerlessincomparable with a peerAmerican
MPeerssmall rockEnglish
MPeetersmall rockEstonian
MPegasoborn next to fountainGreek
MPeircesmall rockEnglish
MPekelosmall rockHawaiian
MPelagioexcellent sailorGreek
MPelekepeaceful rulerHawaiian
MPelhamtannery townEnglish
MPelopebrown complexionGreek
MPeltontown by a poolEnglish
MPembrokewine dealerWelsh
MPenglegendary firebirdChinese
MPengfeiflight of the firebirdChinese
MPeniaminason of my right handHawaiian
MPenleyenclosed meadowEnglish
MPennpen, quillLatin
MPenrodfamous commanderGerman
MPepaGod will addCzech
MPepeGod will addSpanish
MPepindetermined petitionerGerman
MPeppeGod will addItalian
MPeppindetermined petitionerFrench
MPerPeter; small rockSwedish
MPercivalpierce the valleyFrench
MPercypierce the valleyFrench
MPeregrinetraveler; falconLatin
MPeregrinotraveler, falconLatin
MPerfectowithout any defectsLatin
MPeriandroworries about menGreek
MPericlesjust leaderGreek
MPericosmall rockSpanish
MPerinetraveler, falconLatin
MPeritethe skillful oneLatin
MPeritusthe skillful oneLatin
MPerkinlittle rockEnglish
MPernelllittle rockFrench
MPerpetuounchanging goal; indefatigableLatin
MPerrintraveler, falconLatin
MPerrytraveler, falconEnglish
MPerseothe destroyerGreek
MPerththorn-bush thicketScottish
MPesachname for the PassoverHebrew
MPetarsmall rockGreek
MPetesmall rockEnglish
MPetersmall rockGreek
MPetersonson of PeterEnglish
MPetonwarrior's townEnglish
MPetrossmall rockGreek
MPetrusmall rockRomanian
MPetruosfirm in purposeLatin
MPeyosmall rockSpanish
MPeytonwarrior's townEnglish
MPhaedonshines brightGreek
MPharaohruler; title for ancient kingsLatin
MPhelipelover of horsesSpanish
MPhelixfortunate, happyLatin
MPhelpsson of PhilipEnglish
MPhillover of horsesGreek
MPhilanderlover of mankindGreek
MPhilartlover of virtueGreek
MPhilikofriendly oneGreek
MPhiliplover of horsesGreek
MPhilipelover of horsesFrench
MPhilipplover of horsesGreek
MPhilliplover of horsesGerman
MPhineanlight-skinned, whiteIrish
MPhineasoracle; dark-skinnedEnglish
MPhoebussun godGreek
MPhoenixlegendary firebirdGreek
MPickfordford at the peakEnglish
MPickworthwood cutter's estateEnglish
MPictontown on the hill's peakEnglish
MPierosmall rockItalian
MPierpontliving underneath bridgeFrench
MPierrelittle oneFrench
MPierssmall rockEnglish
MPiersonson of PeterEnglish
MPietersmall rockDutch
MPietrosmall rockItalian

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Boy Names Starting With P