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Boy Names Starting With H

Boy Names Starting with H: HA - HI

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names Starting With H Origin
MHardinghardy, resilientEnglish
MHardwinbrave friendEnglish
MHardybrave friendEnglish
MHarelmountain of GodHebrew
MHarfordford of the haresEnglish
MHargrovegrove of the haresEnglish
MHarisson of HarryEnglish
MHarkindark redIrish
MHarlangray landEnglish
MHarlandarmy's landEnglish
MHarleyhare's meadowEnglish
MHarlowhare's hillEnglish
MHarmannoble, soldierEnglish
MHaroldarmy rulerScand.
MHarperharp playerEnglish
MHarpreetdevoted to GodPunjabi
MHarringtontown where Harry dwellsEnglish
MHarrisson of HarryEnglish
MHarrisonson of HarryEnglish
MHarrodhero; conquerorHebrew
MHarryarmy rulerEnglish
MHartdeer meadowEnglish
MHartleydeer meadowEnglish
MHartmanhard; strongGerman
MHartwelldeer wellEnglish
MHartwigstrong advisorGerman
MHartwooddeer forestEnglish
MHarveyarmy warriorGerman
MHasaanhandsome, excellenceArabic
MHasanihandsome, excellenceSwahili
MHasletthazel-tree landEnglish
MHasselwitches' cornerGerman
MHastingswarrior of the spearLatin
MHastubird of the AndesQuechua
MHavikhawk birdDutch
MHaydenhedged valleyEnglish
MHeathheath; barren tract of landEnglish
MHeathcliffcliff near the heathEnglish
MHeatonhigh placeEnglish
MHeberally, partnerHebrew
MHectorsteadfast; Trojan heroGreek
MHedleyheather-filled meadowEnglish
MHedwynfriend of peaceWelsh
MHegesipohorse riderGreek
MHeinrichruler of the householdGerman
MHeinzruler of the householdGerman
MHeldradocounselor of warriorsGerman
MHelioffers himself to GodHebrew
MHeliansunlight; warmthGreek
MHeliomythological sun godGreek
MHelmerwrath of a warriorGerman
MHendersonson of HenryScottish
MHendrickruler of the householdDutch
MHendrikruler of an estateDutch
MHeniekruler of the householdPolish
MHenleyruler of the householdGerman
MHenningruler of the householdGerman
MHenriruler of the householdFrench
MHenriqueruler of the householdPortug.
MHenryruler of the householdGerman
MHeraclesglorious giftGreek
MHeraclitodrawn to the sacredGreek
MHeraldoarmy rulerSpanish
MHerbglorious soldierGerman
MHerbertglorious soldierGerman
MHerculanoof the god HerculesLatin
MHerculesglorious giftLatin
MHeribertoglorious soliderSpanish
MHermócratespowerful like HermesGreek
MHermalindolike a shield of strengthGerman
MHermansoldier; nobleGerman
MHermesmessenger; divine heraldGreek
MHermososhapely; with shapeLatin
MHernándezdaring & adventurousSpanish
MHernandodaring, adventurousSpanish
MHerodesthe fire godGreek
MHerrickwar kingGerman
MHervéarmy warriorFrench
MHesperosevening starGreek
MHewbright mindWelsh
MHewittlittle smart oneGerman
MHewsonson of HughEnglish
MHezekiahGod gives strengthHebrew
MHiêúrespectful attitudeViet.
MHidalgonoble oneSpanish

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Boy Names Starting With H