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Boy Names Starting With B

Boy Names Starting with B:  BE - BO

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   Find a huge list of Boy Names Starting with B... If you are looking for a baby name that isn't just run-of-the-mill, or a name that every other boy seems to have, then you've definitely come to the right place.

We've got terrific baby names for your beautiful baby boy. When I was looking at names for my children what I wanted most was a comprehensive list of terrific baby names that weren't the usual. I wanted my kids to stand out without making them the object of ridicule.

So, if you can relate to my story then check out these baby names below.  Don't worry we have plenty of boy names starting with B.

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names Starting With B Origin
MBelalwhite, brightCzech
MBeldenpretty valleyFrench
MBelinoman of warLatin
MBellamybeautiful friendFrench
MBeltaneclassic French nameFrench
MBelysailluminated oneSwedish
MBemabéson of comfortSpanish
MBenson of my right handHebrew
MBenamison of my peopleHebrew
MBenedictGod has builtLatin
MBeniamson of my right handEthiopian
MBenisonblessing; benedictionEnglish
MBenitoGod has builtItalian
MBenjaminson of my right handHebrew
MBenjyson of my right handHebrew
MBennettlittle blessed oneLatin
MBennieson of my right handHebrew
MBentleymoor; coarse grass meadowEnglish
MBentonwell-named sonLatin
MBenzison of ZionHebrew
MBenzionson of ZionHebrew
MBeppeJoseph; God will addItalian
MBerboundary; bearEnglish
MBerkeleybirch tree meadowEnglish
MBerlcup bearer, wine servantGerman
MBerlynboundary lineGerman
MBernBernard; brave as a bearGerman
MBernaldinostrong bearGerman
MBernardbrave as a bearGerman
MBerniebrave as a bearGerman
MBerompraise; rewardSwedish
MBerryberry; grapeEnglish
MBertbright, shiningGerman
MBertíndistinguished friendSpanish
MBertholdbright; illustriousGerman
MBertiebright, shiningEnglish
MBertonfortified townEnglish
MBertrambright; illustriousGerman
MBerwickbarley farmEnglish
MBerwynwhite headWelsh
MBesaman of the valleyGreek
MBetelhouse of GodHebrew
MBevallike the windEnglish
MBevanson of EvanWelsh
MBevarennavigate the seasDutch
MBeverlybeaver meadowEnglish
MBevisfrom Beauvais, FranceFrench
MBezasun sparkleZulu
MBickfordford of the axe manEnglish
MBilldetermined guardianGerman
MBillydetermined guardianGerman
MBinahmystical understandingHebrew
MBingkettle-shaped hollowGerman
MBingwenbright and cultivatedChinese
MBinkybean fieldEnglish
MBirchwhite; shining birch treeEnglish
MBirkeyisland with birch treesEnglish
MBirkittbirch tree coastEnglish
MBirleymeadow with the cow barnEnglish
MBirneyisland with a brookEnglish
MBirtlebird hillEnglish
MBishopoverseer; bishopGreek
MBisithe first childYoruba
MBjorkbirch treeSwedish
MBlackburnblack brookScottish
MBladeknife, swordEnglish
MBlainthin, leanEnglish
MBlainethin, leanIrish
MBlairplain, field; placeIrish
MBlakedark complexionEnglish
MBlakelydark meadowEnglish
MBlaykeattractive, darkEnglish
MBlazeflame; trail markLatin
MBlissblissful; joyfulEnglish
MBlythecarefree; joyfulEnglish
MBoazswift; strongHebrew
MBobfamous brillianceEnglish
MBobbyfamous brillianceEnglish
MBoboborn on TuesdayFante
MBogartstrong as a bowGerman
MBohaielder brother seaChinese
MBojingwin admirationChinese
MBoladehonor will comeYoruba
MBolinelder brother rainChinese
MBoltonfrom the manor farmEnglish
MBondtiller of the soilEnglish
MBonifaceone who does goodLatin
MBonoa good manLatin

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Baby Boy Names Starting With B