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Baby Boy Names That Start With G

Baby Boy Names That Start with G: GI - GZ

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M/F Baby Names Baby Boy Names That Start With G Origin
MGiulianodowny beardedItalian
MGiuliodowny beardedItalian
MGiuseppeGod will addItalian
MGiustinojust, righteousItalian
MGivonhill, heights Arabic
MGladwincheerful friend; happyEnglish
MGlanvillevillage with oak treesEnglish
MGlassonfrom Glasgow, ScotlandScottish
MGlenGlendon; fortress in the glenEnglish
MGlendonfrom the fortress in the glenIrish
MGlendanfrom the fortress in the glenIrish
MGlendowerfrom Glyndwr, WalesWelsh
MGlennfrom the fortress in the glenIrish
MGlenrowanvalley with rowan treesIrish
MGlentonvalley townScottish
MGlenvillevillage in the glenIrish
MGlyn / Glynnfrom the fortress in the glenWelsh
MGodardodivinely firmGerman
MGoddarddivinely firmGerman
MGodeardohe who is valiantGerman
MGodfredofriend of GodSpanish
MGodfreythe peace of GodIrish
MGodwinfriend of GodEnglish
MGoldengolden friendEnglish
MGoldwingolden friendEnglish
MGoliardthe rebelSpanish
MGoliathexalted oneHebrew
MGomercompleted, finishedHebrew
MGontránfamous warriorSpanish
MGordontriangular-shaped hillEnglish
MGordytriangular-shaped hillEnglish
MGoretriangular-shaped landEnglish
MGoredennablack cloudShona
MGorenexcel; above allBasque
MGorgoniothe violent oneGreek
MGormansmall, blue eyesIrish
MGorofifth sonJapanese
MGotardohe who is valiantGerman
MGottfrieddivinely peacefulGerman
MGotzonheavenly messengerGerman
MGoyobrave spearmanSpanish
MGozolsoaring birdHebrew
MGracianoone recognized by GodLatin
MGradynoble; illustriousIrish
MGraemegrand homeScottish
MGrahamgrand homeEnglish
MGrantgreat plainsEnglish
MGrantlandgreat plainsEnglish
MGrantleygreat meadowEnglish
MGranvillelarge villageFrench
MGratorecognized by GodLatin
MGraubrave spearmanSpanish
MGraydongray hillEnglish
MGraysonbailiff's sonEnglish
MGreeleygray meadowEnglish
MGreenwoodgreen forestEnglish
MGregvigilant watchmanLatin
MGreggoryvigilant watchmanLatin
MGregorvigilant watchmanScottish
MGregoriovigilant watchmanItalian
MGregoryvigilant watchmanLatin
MGreshamvillage in the pastureEnglish
MGreysonbailiff's sonEnglish
MGrianthe sunGaelic
MGriffinhooked noseLatin
MGriffithfierce chief; ruddyWelsh
MGrigorvigilant watchmanBulgarian
MGrigorivigilant watchmanBulgarian
MGrimshawdark woodsEnglish
MGriswoldgray forestGerman
MGrosvenerbig hunterFrench
MGrovergrove dwellerEnglish
MGuadalbertohe is all powerfulGerman
MGuadaluperiver of blackArabic
MGualbertoarmy rulerSpanish
MGualtieroarmy rulerItalian
MGuanglimaking propriety brightChinese
MGuglielmodetermined guardianItalian
MGuihonored; nobleChinese
MGuiffordchubby cheeksFrench
MGuilfordford with yellow flowersEnglish
MGuillaumedetermined guardianFrench
MGuillermodetermined guardianSpanish
MGuionvalley; warriorFrench
MGuirbeige in colorIrish
MGuirenvaluing benevolenceChinese
MGumaroarmy of menGerman
MGumersindothe excellent manGerman
MGundislavojoy; strengthGerman
MGunnarbattle armyScand.
MGunnersoldier with a gunEnglish
MGunterbattle armyScand.
MGuntherbattle army; warriorScand.
MGuoliangmay the country be kindChinese
MGuotinpolite; strong leaderChinese
MGuozhithe state is orderedChinese
MGurionyoung lionHebrew
MGusexceptional, outstandingScand.
MGustafstaff of the GothsSwedish
MGustavestaff of the GothsScand.
MGustavostaff of the GothsSpanish
MGuthriewar heroGerman
MGutierrearmy rulerSpanish
MGuyguide in battleHebrew
MGuyllaumedetermined guardianFrench
MGuzmanman of GodFrench
MGwaynewhite hawkWelsh
MGwilymdetermined guardianWelsh
MGwynfair; blessedWelsh

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Baby Boy Names That Start With G