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Australian Baby Names

Australian Baby Names from: PA - YU

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Discover a super long list of fabulous Australian First Names right here at Top 100 Baby Names Search... I don't know about you but when I think of Australian baby names, I think culture, tradition, inventiveness & the epitome of uniqueness... All of these qualities are marvelous and provide a wonderful reason to consider some of the great names below. Let's face it, the world is shrinking and is much more multi-cultural these days... AWESOME!

I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them with my husband. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted really great ones.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we've tried very hard to provide you just that... Terrific Australian baby names and much more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse all 6 pages of our Black girls names and decide for yourself. -- After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Baby Names Australian Baby Names Origin
FPademelon scrub wallabyAborig.
FPapa father Aborig.
FParinga, home at the river Aborig.
MParishchurch districtEnglish
MPe'en skin Aborig.
MPelhamtannery townEnglish
FPenolacity in AustraliaIndig.
MPintan monkeynut treeAborig.
FPinyerrel aunty Aborig.
FPresleypriest's meadowEnglish
MPrincetonprincely townEnglish
MPuku 'arrka baby boy Aborig.
MPuparrang wangu lizard Aborig.
MPurrutya sugarAborig.
MPutu bloodwood treeAborig.
MRaleighdear meadowEnglish
MRalphiewolf counselorEnglish
MRedfordriver crossingEnglish
FRennieborn againEnglish
MRobertfamous brillianceEnglish
FRoseannRose + AnnEnglish
MRowsonson the redheadEnglish
FRoyaqueenly; royalEnglish
MSalisburyfort at the willow poolEnglish
MScottiefrom ScotlandEnglish
MSeldonwillow tree valleyEnglish
FSephoralike small birdEnglish
MSheldonfarm on the ledgeEnglish
FShellymeadow on the ledgeEnglish
FShirlenebright meadowEnglish
FSpencerdispenser of provisionsEnglish
MSpoorspur makerEnglish
MStandishstony parklandEnglish
MSterlingsilver pennyEnglish
MStoddardhorse keeperEnglish
FStormieimpetuous by natureEnglish
MSwinfenswine's mudEnglish
FTangari edible gum Aborig.
MTannerleather workerEnglish
FTanunda creek with water fowl Aborig.
MTedprosperous guardianEnglish
MThachi sand goanna Aborig.
MThala centipede Aborig.
FThudu breasts; milk Aborig.
MThuma fire Aborig.
FTimotheahonoring GodEnglish
FTirrikelaughter; joyAborig.
MTraithird in orderEnglish
MTreytontown full of treesEnglish
MTyetile makerEnglish
FTyinturru clear waterAborig.
FUlamambripossum countryAborig.
FVulpinelike foxEnglish
MWa'awa riverAborig.
MWaka grassAborig.
MWalfordriver crossingEnglish
FWalkercloth; walkerEnglish
FWanchu wifeAborig.
MWangara west windAborig.
MWangka long yamAborig.
FWarrawong side of hillAborig.
FWarriwarri long chain of hillsAborig.
FWarudhar lands endAborig.
FWeemala distant view Aborig.
MWeltontown near the wellEnglish
MWendho deaf Aborig.
FWewam red Aborig.
MWhitfieldwhite fieldEnglish
MWhitlockwhite lock of hairEnglish
MWilkinsWilliam's kinEnglish
MWima bigAborig.
MWindellwindy valleyEnglish
FWirriwirri whirlwindAborig.
FWollowra eagle Aborig.
MWoodfieldforest meadowEnglish
MWudukerre big uncleAborig.
MWundurra warriorAborig.
MWybertshining in battleEnglish
MYangan hairAborig.
FYapa untamedAborig.
FYarrabee many gumsAborig.
FYi'i eyebrow Aborig.
FYorrpe black berries Aborig.
MYudellyew-tree valleyEnglish

*Australian Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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Australian Baby Names