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Silver Baby Spoons

Silver Baby Spoons and Unique Keepsake Gifts...

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Silver spoons date back to at least the 16th century, when it became customary for well-heeled Europeans to present them as newborn or christening gifts.  As it turns out, these trinkets are as practical as they are posh.
 Sterling silver has natural antibacterial properties and when chilled, are perhaps most cherished, for their ability to soothe gums during teething...  An heirloom in general is any old item or antique passed down from one generation to another.  So why not create a new tradition with one a unique baby gifts of your own?...
 In partnership with Amazon.com, Top 100 Baby Names Search has carefully chosen an wide selection of commemorative silver keepsakes & gift sets which make excellent gifts for the baby in your life. 

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