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Girls Names That Start With I

Girls Names That Start with I: IS - IZ

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M/F Baby Names Girls Names That Start With I Origin
FIsauraof Isauria in Asia MinorGreek
FIsbergabattles with a swordGerman
FIselriver in ScotlandScottish
FIselariver in ScotlandScottish
FIseldaremains faithfulGerman
FIseultprincess of Arthurian legendsWelsh
FIshalife; womanAmerican
FIsharaa sign; phenomenonSwahili
FIsiconsecrated to GodSpanish
FIsibealconsecrated to GodIrish
FIsiomagood headIbo
FIsissupreme goddessEgyptian
FIslariver in ScotlandScottish
FIsletasmall islandSpanish
FIsmaelaGod will hearHebrew
FIsmeldabattles with a swordGerman
FIsobelconsecrated to GodSpanish
FIsokagift from GodBenin
FIsoke gift from GodBenin
FIsoldeprincess of Arthurian legendsWelsh
FIsonaconsecrated to GodSpanish
FIssaLord is my salvationSwahili
FIssiaLord is my salvationAmerican
FItaliafrom ItalyItalian
FItalinafrom ItalyItalian
FItamarpalm islandHebrew
FItanaleI understandChickasaw
FItatayhand bellGuarani
FItatiwhite rockGuarani
FItembetrust; confidenceZulu
FItziararea covered by pinesBasque
FIvaGod is graciousSlavic
FIvanaGod is graciousSlavic
FIvannaGod is graciousSlavic
FIveremgood fortuneTiv
FIvernafrom IrelandLatin
FIvetayoung archerFrench
FIvetteyoung archerFrench
FIveyivy treeEnglish
FIvonyoung archerFrench
FIvonneyoung archerAmerican
FIvonneyoung archerFrench
FIvorymade of ivoryLatin
FIvriathe land of AbrahamHebrew
FIvyivy treeEnglish
FIvyivy treeEnglish
FIxcatzinlike cottonNahuatl
FIyaboreincarnation of her motherYoruba
FIyankeruns aboveSioux
FIyanlaGod is graciousAmerican
FIyannalife; womanHebrew
FIyaraswift oneYoruba
FIyarinanever forgetsQuechua
FIyawaability; skillHausa
FIyeakahelpful oneIbo
FIyeshalife; womanAmerican
FIylanamy treeAramaic
FIzabellaconsecrated to GodSpanish
FIzanapowerful womanHindi
FIzarbethe Virgin MaryAragonese
FIzaskumabove the valleyBasque
FIzazcunthe Virgin MarySpanish
FIzegbelong-awaited childBenin
FIziarthe Virgin MaryBasque
FIzusawhite stoneNat. Amer.
FIzzieGod is my oathHebrew
FIzzyGod is my oathHebrew

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Girls Names That Start With I